02 Brixton Alkaline Closed down Tear gas used

02 Brixton Alkaline show 23rd of April 2017 shut down early after fans go wild and kick in doors at the front,back and side entrances.

Earlan Bartley better known as Alkaline is a Jamaican DanceHall artist became popular in Jamaica 2013 then global wide in 2016 when new level unlocked was released going to the top of the billboard reggae charts.

For only being around for a short while compared to other artists he has build a enormous fan base which showed up in full force last night at the 02 centre Brixton.

Things got out of hand by 7 a clock the crowds reached around whole street block flooding the area with over 2000 inside chanting hes name way before he was due to be on and over 1000 out side on the streets at some point around 7:40pm frustrated fans tried to rush the back door forcing the security to lock down the VIP section at this point police showed up but was to late and confused to do anything. Further several attempts to rush the front and side door with some successful unauthorised entry’s leading to around over 500 un-searched fans inside.

Then forcing security to then shut down O2 and Nandos early, but with a gigantic crowd of fans stuck unwilling to leave, tear gas was used at the front entrance having fans running in all directions.

Police then turned up in force looking very unprepared and late as ever to move people off the streets.

We on StreetSeekers wish alkaline all the best and pray this does not make it difficult for him to have further shows in the UK. We believe that this is can be avoided next time if more attention is payed to crowd and quee control. No one could of expected the crowds numbers to be so high.

02 brixton academy did the best they could with  the staff they had at hand, the police could of been more effective instead of wasting time and effort to stop the jerk chicken mans hustle.

It don’t matter about last nights events as Alkaline’s following is very big and still increasing and we wish him all the best.