Exclusive DJ Benn X Interview – Papz @djBennx

My Dj Name is Benn x, I started djing ’92 at the age of 15. My Brother is 3 years older so he took me to the clubs. He had to sneak me in because I was to young to get in the clubs. The moment I entered the club I was instantly in love with the music , the atmosphere , the people.So I decided that I wanted to be a dj. Not to be famous but just for the love of the music and the club culture. I was playing at home with two record players without a pitchfader.
So when the record needed to go faster I had to the turn the record with my finger J. That’s how I started. At that time the record shop was my second home. The music I play is dark deep techno/techhouse and deephouse.

You can check out my music @mixcloud, Hearthis and soundcloud


For the moment I am working on some music production as well. The past year I did some venues like the DAS BOOT party, Fish in Space, moonbass festival, I played also at some famous Belgian clubs like La Rocca and Carré for the “straight outta your club” concept. I have a monthly show on the UK radiostation Reflect2Radio.http://www.reflect2radio.co.uk/. I shared the decks with Franky Jones,Trish Van Eynde,Double U Jay, Marcos and many more. Me and my good friend Dj Sika https://twitter.com/Dj_Sika (who started the organization ) have an organization that called The Living Room. We are organizing underground events every three months. We have our main dj team with Dj Sika ,Marcos and myself. Every venue we invite a other guest dj’s. We had Franky Jones, Trish Van Eynde and some local dj’s like Barshock, Max Trentels,De-Tech-Tiv, and many more. We started with some little venues but we got bigger quit quickly and after a year we already hosted the techno podium at the moonbassfestival. So we invited some dj’s from our local techno scene in our hometown Mechelen where we have some amazing dj’s like Dj Sika, Marcos, Double u jay,Steve Redhead , and the legend Franky Jones. You can find our website here: http://www.living-room.one/ https://www.facebook.com/dalivingroom/?fref=ts. The next big venue I will do is a new festival called “Oscarpelouza” and off course our own events with The Living Room.