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Born November 12, 1990 In Chicago,IL, Jamel “Jay Mula” Harper has always been around music, but didn’t really get into it until around his 10th birthday in 2000. He actually became interested in playing an instrument(guitar). After playing the guiter for about a year and a half, he REALLY became fasinated with listening to the Lyrics of songs; And that’s exactly what he did. He was intreaged with how some artists could tell stories that actually made sense in their music, but also make the words rhyme at the same time. Another thing about that fascinated him about it was that HE COULDN’T DO IT. So for years he just studied artists’ lyrics and rythmes to learn himself how to put words together the way he wanted. Along side him was his cousin Marlon “Marlo” Epps. They Both studied with each other and wrote little rhymes down teaching & Learing from each other. Two main influences for music in, “Jay Mula’s” life are his Grandmother, Paula, & His Father, George Harper. His Grandmother also helped him in understanding how to write lyrics; You see, his grandmother was also a song writer. So she was a BIG influence. And His Father was a owner of his own record label; So Jamel used to hear alot of different artist and styles being around his father; From “Club Banger” Tracks to “Straight Lyrical” Tracks. Jamel used to just write from time to time and soon, writing was a hobby.