Press Fyah – Road Users JA $10000 Competition @PressFyah

Press Fyah

Greetings world it’s finally out this is my 1st production from my record label #Rennisrecords song titled:(Road Users) all true #pressfyah fans & supporters be sure to purchase this song on all digital sites. This song highlights a major issue that we all face world wide (Road awareness & Road safety) everyday somewhere in the world there is an accident that leeds to fatalities. This song wasn’t recorded to gain popularity for the artist instead it was recorded to help decrease the high rate of road fatalities. In a few weeks I will be promoting this song on the theme (how does road safety & awareness affect your life) each individual will be asked to upload a video with this song being played in the background while you share your views on the issue, whoever get the most views & likes will be awarded a prize of $10000ja. Dollars. Stay tune for more info & be ready for the challenge #worldwide #teampressfyah #pressfyahmusic frwding to your twn or a twn near you soon follow the movements #uk #usa #canada #jamaica #europe #asia #africa #caribbean #middleeast #southamerica #punchyricebag #chopoff #distancedem #regrann